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International Study Abroad: International Students Only! (Summer in U.S.A.) (Ages 16-24)

in International Studies Academy (Ages 13-24)

Summer- 7 Day Online Program


with Ebeni Ashmon

Calendar Jun 20, 2021 at 9 am, runs for 1 week

Dr. Ashmon Academy offers several Enrichment Program Sessions for Seven Days from Sunday-Saturday. Select one session below, As follows:

Grades: 2nd-12th (U.S. and International Students) from Sunday-Saturday

Select a session and indicate on registration week of interest.

Session 1: June 13-19, 2021

Session 2: June 20-26, 2021

Session 3: June 27-July 3,2021

Session 4: July 16- July 22, 2021

Session 5: July 23- July 29, 2021

Session 6: July 30- August 5, 2021

Session 7: August 6- August 12, 2021

Objective: During the Summer months, the student will be able to attend Dr. Ashmon Academy enrichment program to enhance themselves through exploration, experiential and enrichment programs desgned for all participants.

Mission: Dr. Ashmon Academy's Summer enrichment program is designed to innate the student to new experiences, in order to explore and enrich themselves with new subjects.

Goal: Enhance Social Skills, academic capailities and experience college life. Courses will be offered, such as: pre-college academics, business, the arts, cooking, sports, mathematics and sciences. 

International Study Abroad (Summer in U.S.A.)

Calendar Jul 5, 2021 , runs for 8 weeks

Now accepting Applications for students outside of U.S. to spend a Summer studying in U.S.A.

According to U.S. Homeland Security, "In the United States, students usually begin a formal educational program around age five or six in kindergarten. Children then complete grade levels one to 12 before attending college or university. There are two types of kindergarten through grade 12 (K-12) schools in the United States: public and private. Laws regarding ages for compulsory education vary by state. These laws apply to both public and private K-12 schools."

Boarding School- (Grades 9-12)


1. Pending Certification for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

2. Qualified Administrators (A total of 30 Years experience)

3. Excellent Curriculum

4. Accreditation from several accrediting boards


Core Content Areas:



Social Studies

Language Arts



Tuition Includes:

1. Certified Administrators & Teachers

2, Interactive Classrooms

3, Innovative Teaching Strategies

4. Free School T-shirt

5. Free 7" Tablet

6. Textbooks

7. Airfare: Round Trip Ticket

8. Passport

9. IRS Form: I-20 for F1 Status as a student

10. Medical

11. Transportation

12. Room

13. Board

15. Meal Plan 3

16. Educational Trips

International Yearly Application Fee


with Ebeni Ashmon

DAECA requires an Annual Application Fee for new students and Re-Enrollment fee for returning students.  This application is designated as a mandatory yearly application fee inorder to register to attend any of the divisions of Dr. Ashmon Ebede Christian Academy. This course includes a welcome package, information regarding programs and course catalog. All fees are non-refundable, once the course begins.

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